Ginza Mitsukoshi

Flap Clutch 11inch

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size:W310mm x H200mm x D15mm
ヒントを得たのは、こぞって書類やノートをクラッチバッグに入れて颯爽と街を歩いていた Paris の大学生たち。
Comfortable clutch with natural hold
When holding a laptop, or Macbook itself, people tend to carry it using one hand on either side of their body.
On the other hand, people who carry it with its case on seems to have difficulty holding it since those cases are often over-sized, functioning only as a protector.
So here, we offer you a comfortable clutch style bag, which enable you to have a sufficient protective case with natural hold.
We got this innovative idea from students in Paris who carried textbooks and notebooks in their crutch bag walking balmily.
Natural posture of holding is made possible, by attaching handle to case itself, and clutch also works as an accent of its design.
Please walk along with your MacBook with great facility.